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The site has the intention of giving basic training and an idea close to reality to those who want to approach the fantastic profession of barman, barmaid or waiter.
In the pages I will develop the most important topics related to the profession of barman - barmaid and manager of clubs, (see also

I will try within the limits of my ability to go to the bottom, to treat with due respect the part, for me most important, that this profession requires: the psychology and sensitivity that all professionals should develop and put into practice for success of work. Of course, it's not easy at all; some people have a better predisposition to develop certain attitudes, but as I always say, every day that passes teaches you something and you can learn everything and everyone.
The section dedicated to the "Course", only online, does not pretend to replace the various courses that can be taken in professional institutes or in private structures with teachers in flesh and blood, but I think it can be a good help to implement and expand the knowledge that serves to correctly carry out our tasks. I will treat my personal opinion on attending courses in a separate article. After so many years, this profession has led me to be very critical, not controversial, let me be clear. If it is not constructive, criticism is useless.
For some time now I have been a member of AIBES as a partner and I think it is the largest and most important Italian association of professional bartenders, but for my legal peace of mind, the course and the site in general do not operate in any way in the name and on behalf of AIBES and even less in representative form of the association. Another important note that I must express: all the logos and brands of products that appear in the various multimedia files belong to the legitimate owners. It is not about hidden advertising but it is only due to practical work needs or pure choice related to personal taste. Unfortunately I have no sponsors to help me build the course. Step forward !!
In the Forum and help section various passages of my life and the motivations that led me to undertake this profession will be presented, it is also the section where you can express your opinions and give / receive help on everything that the bar world implies. Do not be afraid to express yourself. The exchange of views can only increase the knowledge of each of us

In the Course lessons section various topics of interest will be presented.

The site is constantly growing as I occasionally add something by stealing time from my business.

The site will be continuously enriched with articles and tutorials to increase your knowledge, however, there will be no fixed cadences but it will depend on the time I will be able to cut out from the job. I will be happy to receive any comments or 
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